Google Maps

[raw][gmap address=”Frankfurt, Germany” html=”Frankfurt, Germany” maptype=”ROADMAP” zoom=”14″ style=”full”][/raw]


Google Map Shortcode Options

[list type=”arrow”]
[li]width: Width of the Google Maps Map[/li]
[li]height: Height of the Google Maps Map[/li]
[li]address: Address of the Marker.[/li]
[li]latitude: Latitude Value (optional to address).[/li]
[li]longitude: Longitude Value (optional to address).[/li]
[li]zoom: Zoom value from 1 to 19.[/li]
[li]html: Google Maps Marker Content Info.[/li]
[li]popup: Can be set to true, to show the Marker Info when Map is loaded.[/li]
[li]controls: Read the Google Maps API for more Information (Google Maps API)[/li]
[li]scrollwheel: Set to false to disable zooming with your mouses scrollwheel.[/li]
[li]maptype: Can be ROADMAP, SATELLITE, HYBRID, TERRAIN.[/li]
[li]marker: Can be set to true or false to show marker or not.[/li]
[li]style: Can be set to “full” to set a fullscreen map (like above)[/li]